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    Company headquarters phone/fax:0538-8585126
    National telephone:400-0538-299
    Sales calls:18660820790
    Address:The waihuan Xu Gulou Tai’an City south industrial park in shandong province

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Come and look at!

Hot galvanizing hanging basket not twisted rope, not 11000, 9500, don't buy now only 8300 yuan/units. Welcome new and old customers to buy quick, 500 large only.

Looking forward to the cooperation with you


Service hotline: 18660820790 Hou Yulin folded up

Come and look at! Shandong ju can tweet listed! Come and look at! Shandong ju can tweet listed!


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Headquarters Tel / Fax:0538-8585126 Sales Department: 18660820790 address: Shandong Tai’an City full steel market shougang zhuang road no. 50

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